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The Cathey Design Associates Team

Technical Designs Incorporated (TDI) is a research and development consulting company that utilizes
a rich network of professionals to achieve product development projects.
We offer development from concept to commodity or can supply the specific talent required for
start-ups or major companies to complete their planned developments.
Beginning with TDI as a base, the Cathey Design Associates team for each project
is assembled specifically to include the talents
necessary to achieve the objectives of the research grant.

Cathey Design Associates network's skills include:

• Electrical Engineering and Electronic Product development.
• Hardware and Embedded Software (firmware) design and implementation.
• Software development.
• Graphic Design and Illustration for print and web design.
• Tooling Design Engineering for plastics or metal fabrication.
• Process Engineering.
• Process development and materials handling.
• Machine design, customization, and machine automation.

Research Scientists and Postdoctoral Associates include:

• Research Analytical Chemistry
• Poultry Scientists
• Agronomist
• Pulp and Papermaking Engineers
• Toxicologists

Tim Cathey - Inventor, Visionary

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