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Concept To Commodity

Artist's rendering and final product“The role of the product designer combines art, science and technology to create tangible three-dimensional goods. Product design is defined as the idea generation, concept development, testing and manufacturing or implementation of a product (physical object or service). Product Designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas, making them tangible through products in a more systematic approach.

The role of a product designer encompasses many characteristics of the marketing manager, product manager, industrial designer, design engineer, electro mechanical engineer, plastics design engineer and mechanical packaging engineering. It includes the analysis, design, manufacture, and maintenance of equipment and products based on the combination of electrical/electronic circuits and mechanical systems.

Articles included can range from electromechanical consumer devices such as computers, electric razors to medical instruments, industrial-type machinery, and complex robotic systems.”
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As a product design company, Technical Designs Inc. will take your idea and develop it from initial concept to a marketable commodity, ready to ship.


Point Of Sale System Terminal:
As an example of turn-key development,Technical Designs Inc., created a portable, easy to carry computer terminal for use with a retail home ordering system. Photos show an artist's rendering during development and final product.

Built-In Features:
• Magnetic card swipe reader (credit or debit cards)
• Integrated circuit card reader. (smart card)
• Thermal printer with text and graphics on a 2.3 inch wide paper roll.
• Modem with telephone jack.
• Rechargeable NiMHD batteries with power level monitoring.
• Back up battery pack
• Digital voice record, playback and audible prompts.
• Serial port connector
• PCMCIA slot for external connection.
• Wireless (IR) data transmission to nearby IR compatible peripheral.

Display Characteristics:
• 640 x 240 pixels color display.
• Touch screen (using stylus) for information entry, signature capture, etc.
• Built-in video connector to TV monitor or projector.

Physical Caharcteristics:
• Ergonomically shaped for use on desk or table tops.
• 8.9 inches wide by 6 inches deep by 2.5 inches high.
• Weight: less than 2 pounds.
• High impact polycarbonate case.

• Menu driven applications.
• Application programs developed in C++.
• Remotely programmalbe: program updates are downloaded via built-in modem.
• Microsoft CE features, including internet browser, e-mail, Microsoft CE Word, Excel and Power Point.

Other Features:
• Cellular phone interface.
• Wireless bar code wand.
• GPS moving map display.

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