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aGroChips Poultry Bedding

TurkeyaGroChips was developed to provide a healthier environment for commercial poultry. Trials at North Carolina State University and with commercial growers demonstrated that use of aGroChips improved turkey and broiler performance and reduced cost of meat sold. When tested against resin-rich, curly-cut pine shavings, aGroChips set the new standard for commercial poultry bedding. Recycling of the material also allows for creation of an organic fertilizer and protein-rich ruminant feed.

• Testing showed that aGroChips used in conjuction with aGroMat (another bedding product developed by Technical Designs Inc.) resulted in birds that gained weight faster than those bedded with traditional kiln-dried pine shavings, and were heavier at harvest.

• Exceptional feed conversion! Unlike shavings, birds don't eat aGroChips. This means better performance and healthier birds that maintain their health advantage through growout. Testing demonstrated almost 9 points of cumulative feed conversion in a 20.05 kg bird and a 49 point feed conversion (that’s right, 49 points!) in the last 4 weeks of growout for turkey toms.

Agrochips material• aGroChips’ improved 3-D shape provides reduced crusting and better litter intermixing for a cleaner, healthier house with increased livability.

• aGroChips captures and binds nitrogen and phosphorus to reduce ammonia volatiles.

• Resultant litter creates a high value fertilizer and high protein ruminant feed.

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