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Earth Skin Moisture Management System

OrchardEarthSkin is a biodegradable thin-film mulching system for weed suppression in commercial crop production.

EarthSkin controls erosion and is water permeable as it mulches the soil. The mineral based extruded conformal coating biodegrades into healthy soil amendments. EarthSkin adapts well to no-till culture as successive applications maintains continual weed control. Color is optional by adding natural colorants to promote solar soil heating or reflective colors.

EarthSkin high solids consistency allows application by extruding a film over the planting bed. The custom hydropulping mixing equipment discharges EarthSkin onto the tractor mounted application unit. A bed former, coupled to a metered rate discharge system matching the tractor’s speed, delivers EarthSkin. EarthSkin’s patented formulas use natural ingredients to suspend the solids in a flowable plastic medium delivered directly over soil surface as the soil exits the bed former.

EarthSkin is planted similar to plastic film; the film is pierced and seedlings are planted in the hole. EarthSkin has the advantage of being planted with seeds using pierce and planted seed or seeds are placed in the moist extruded film. Small seed such as lettuce, carrots, and mixed greens are applied to the surface in a slurry containing a natural adhesive.

Market potential for fresh market tomatoes, strawberries, peppers and melons is 400,000 acres and organic is an additional 78,000 acres. The market in these crops for EarthSkin is 378,500 tons sold at $415 per ton or from $581 to $207 per acre depending on bed configuration and cultivar. The recycled based material used in manufacturing reduces cost of goods sold as low as $160 per ton.

EarthSkin can be contract manufactured with minimal up-fit or a proprietary manufacturing facility can be equipped for under $1 million. The projected payback on the investment is one percent market-share which equates to 4,000 tons of EarthSkin sales. This facility has the capacity to manufacture 10% market share of 38,000 tons in 280 workdays. For 15.7 million in revenue and $9.6 million in profits after cost of goods sold. Costs are based on national average. A unique material resource in NC located within 800 miles of 36% of the US poultry producers. Material saving of 25% reduces cost of goods sold.

Business Case for this product available on request.

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