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Earth Skin Moisture Management System

OrchardEarthSkin is a conformal coating that bonds well to rock, sand, soil, dust and plant litter. Mimicking Mother Nature's biomass coverings, EarthSkin molds itself to the ground forming a permeable surface that manages moisture, controls erosion, mulches the soil and supports plant growth.

How It Works: When applied as directed, EarthSkin covers the gound in a continuous matted coating that bonds to the ground. This bonding directs water into the soil beneath, maintaining soil porosity and permeability while reducing soil compaction.

Wet Days: Excessive water in the soil is moderated by the wicking action of EarthSkin. This removes moisture from saturated soils through evaporation. During heavy rains erosion is controlled as rainwater is absorbed through EarthSkin and into the soil. Decreased turbidity provides cleaner water runoff, resulting in increased water quality, reduced silting and maintenance of a cleaner water supply.

Dry Days: As EarthSkin dries it’s structure resists excessive evaporation, helping to prevent arid soil and to protect plants' roots from damage. EarthSkin also forms a reflective solar shade that reduces soil heating and evaporation, resulting in less irrigation and more conserved water. Moisture retention can be customized to accommodate varying seasons and planting requirements. In cooler growing conditions, EarthSkin can be colorized to absorb heat from the sun and warm the soil to promote an earlier harvest.

Planted beds

Weeds: In addition to moisture management and erosion control, testing has shown EarthSkin to be an excellent weed suppressant without the need of herbicides.

No erosion

Erosion Control: EarthSkin conforms to the shape of the land, stabilizes graded soils so seeds can take root, reduces turbidity for cleaner runoff and manages soil moisture for superior plant performance.



Spinach leaves

No Soil On Leaves : Seeds are placed on top of EarthSkin and peg through the covering to root in the soil below. This means that no soil comes in contact with the produce, resulting in a weed-free, cleaner harvest.




EarthSkin is a patented, biodegradable, registered bio-based, sustainable product.


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