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Isolative Layer

ChicksPositive Effects of an Economic Isolative Layer on Performance of Commercial Poultry:

The Isolative Layer is a new concept in litter management for use in concentrated animal feed operations (CAFO). We discovered the effect in testing alternative manufactured beddings, aGroChips. Reduction in litter needs and improved performance is the result of adding the Isolative Layer under the bedding. The Isolative Layer is a continuous cover over the house floor. The layer separates the pathogens in the soil from litter and reduces the nitrogen infiltration from the litter into the soil. The Isolative Layer mimics the effect of a new clay floor in that it reduces the cost of bringing poultry to market by reducing the feed need by a tenth of a pound per pound of meat sold. Tests verified the reduced feed conversion and improved poultry performance. Less bedding is needed with the Isolative Layer. Incorporating a natural insecticide reduced darkling beetle populations in the house. The Isolative Layer is made from recycled materials and is beneficial for land application.

The Isolative Layer for turkey production represents a cost to the integrator of $0.059 per bird with resultant projected cost reductions of $0.432 per bird. This is a cost to benefit ratio of 1 to 7.3. This represents a one-year saving for an integrator growing 8 million turkeys of $3.5 million on an investment of $472,000. Revenue from the broiler integrators to the service industry for labor is $1,474,000 with a projected savings benefit of $60,620,000 for the broiler grower / integrator.

The national poultry growers could save $780 million by using the Isolative Layer. Product sales revenue is $143 million and new job revenue for application services of $18 million. Thirty-six percent of the US market is within 800 miles of inexpensive materials and manufacturing sites.

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