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Memorex Telex Family Of Network Controllers

Network Controller product groupLed mechanical design department to develop an expandable non-metal network controller of compression molded composite. The controller sub-assembly was shipped from the molder in the same recyclable packaging that was used to ship the product to the final user. Due to its modular design, the SNA controller was also used as a network router spanning the abyss for mainframe to PC. Introduced in 1985, it wasn't retired until 2006.

• Incorporated electromagnetic shielding using 4 pieces, whereas the IBM competitive model required 175 pieces.
• Innovative development was 32% below plan budget.
• Due to its expandability, this product remained in service for 20 years.
• Only 19 fasteners for subassembly incorporating a quiet pressurized cooling system.
• Designed for EMI and RFI, UL CSA compliant

Exploded view


Logic ChassisThis logic chassis which fits into the center of the above exploded view, contains all electronics, drives, power supply and IO control panel.

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