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Home Order System Terminal

Artist's rendering and final productDeveloped a portable, easy to carry computer terminal for use with a retail home ordering system. Photos show an artist's rendering during development and final product.

Built-In Features:
• Magnetic card swipe reader (credit or debit cards)
• Integrated circuit card reader. (smart card)
• Thermal printer with text and graphics on a 2.3 inch wide paper roll.
• Modem with telephone jack.
• Rechargeable NiMHD batteries with power level monitoring.
• Back up battery pack
• Digital voice record, playback and audible prompts.
• Serial port connector
• PCMCIA slot for external connection.
• Wireless (IR) data transmission to nearby IR compatible peripheral.

Display Characteristics:
• 640 x 240 pixels color display.
• Touch screen (using stylus) for information entry, signature capture, etc.
• Built-in video connector to TV monitor or projector.

Physical Caharcteristics:
• Ergonomically shaped for use on desk or table tops.
• 8.9 inches wide by 6 inches deep by 2.5 inches high.
• Weight: less than 2 pounds.
• High impact polycarbonate case.

• Menu driven applications.
• Application programs developed in C++.
• Remotely programmalbe: program updates are downloaded via built-in modem.
• Microsoft CE features, including internet browser, e-mail, Microsoft CE Word, Excel and Power Point.

Other Features:
• Cellular phone interface.
• Wireless bar code wand.
• GPS moving map display.

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