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Durastar 2000 Street Light (Award Winner)

Street Light 1Developed solid model and mold tooling for an intricate low cost composite thermoset plastic streetlight. The high efficiency light utilizes CAD ray-trace programs to structure the reflector surface for high efficiency roadway lighting and reduced light pollution.

• Awarded six US patents.
• Awarded First Place in the electrical division of the Society Of Plastic Engineers.
• Approved by the Dark Sky Society.
• Durable adhesive bonded assembly simplified tooling.
• No secondary exterior finishing.

Metalized reflector

Vacuum Metalized Ribbon Reflector:

• Lights one mile of road way with 34 rather than the competitor's 50 lights.
• Puts the light on the ground, not the sky.
• Installs more safely and in 1/2 the time.
• Reduced reflector metallization cost.

Bayonet mount

Bayonet Mount:

• Modules are serviceable externally or detach from bayonet mounting module without wiring change.
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