Product & Industrial Design

Product & Industrial Design

Product Design samplesTechnical Designs Inc. and Cathey Design Associates can provide design services in all of the following areas:

• Product Design
• Industrial Design
• Electromechanical Packaging Design
• Mechanical Design Engineering
• Plastics and Packaging Engineering

Our services also include project managment and
principal investigation.

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Process Experience:
• Injection molding of thermo plastics and thermosets.
• Thermal forming, rotational molding.
• Compression molding of thermosets.
• Fabricated and stamped sheet metal, casting and machining.
• Design for manufacture and assembly.
• Data entry as full travel and elastomeric key pads, switches, graphics.
• LCD and integrated touch screen design.
• Process tooling development and assembly tooling and fixtures.
• EMI RFI abatement, shielding bonding and grounding.
• Conductive plastics compounds formulations (ohms per square).
• Vacuum metallization as conduction or reflection. Paint and finishing specs.
• Models, prototypes, displays, demonstrations and process simulations
• Process design and development.
• Product development.
• Facilities, industrial equipment and machine design.
• material processing, handling, conveyance; pneumatics, drying and packaging.
• Knowledge of 3-phase wiring, motors, controls and machine automation.

Materials Experience:
• Plastics
• Metal
• Glass
• Composites
• Electronics
• Wood
• Paper
• Fibers
• Fabrics
• Energy





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